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Kinesiology Foundation Course 2024

Kinesiology Foundation Course 2024
This course will start in September 2024. The dates are:

  • Module 1: September 14 & 15
  • Module 2: October 12 & 13 2024
  • Module 3: November 9 & 10 2024
  • Module 4: December 7 & 8 2024
  • Module 5: January 11 & 12 2025
  • Module 6: February 8 & 9 2025
There is an optional Module 7 if you are not already a practitioner and want to use muscle testing techniques beyond friends and family.

See the course details HERE

This course is suitable for:
  1. Complete beginners who want tools and techniques to help themselves, their own friends and family, or go on to be a qualified kinesiologist.
  2. Practitioners of other modalities who feel they would like additional skills to complement their existing modality. At this level practitioners are NOT able to call themselves a Kinesiologist.

The foundation course is suitable if you are:
  • Interested in health and well being
  • A complete newbie to natural health
  • An existing practitioner wanting to add manual muscle testing as a protocol
  • Nutritionists and nutritional therapists wanting client compliance
  • Homeopaths wanting a tool to ensure remedy choice and dosage
  • Parents, teachers, community workers
  • Chiropractors & osteopaths wanting to use muscle response testing in clinic
  • Individuals wanting a career change through to diploma level
  • Personal development / CPD
  • Wanting some time out for yourself

There will be case studies to complete at each module (25 in total), a final practical assessment and a written paper.

The course enables learners an opportunity to decide whether kinesiology is suitable as a vocation or career/profession.

The cost is £1,395. Module 1 is £395 to cover the cost of materials, membership to the KA, and course book. Modules 2 to 6 are £200. You pay before each module.

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