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Water is free medicine!

Once you feel dehydrated, your brain is even more dehydrated. If you never feel thirsty, your body might have given up trying to nudge you! If you reach for food but are not really hungry, you are probably dehydrated!

While having any fluid is preferable to no fluids at all, not all fluids are treated equally by your body. Plain water needs very little processing; it doesn't need digesting. As soon as you add anything to water, even lemon juice, the gut will need to process it.

Sparkling water contains carbon dioxide and phosphorus. If this is the only type of water you drink, you may not be doing your bones any favours. Phosphorus displaces calcium, and as calcium is very tightly regulated by the body, keeping levels at the correct amount is vital.

If you do not like the taste of water, it may be that your electrolyte balance is out of kilter. To make water more palatable, add sea salt to it. Start with a few grains and taste the water until it tastes sweet and palatable. Everyday, you will need fewer grains of salt, until one day, you can just drink the water without salt.

As one client recently said about the adding of salt, "you have changed my life"!

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