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Kinesiology can prepare the body for pregnancy

If you are planning to conceive in the near future, been trying for a baby for a while, or have had IVF and would like to try alternative support before trying again, kinesiology may help you. It's good to ensure that Do you want to ensure yours and your partner's health are in peak condition.

The sessions are tailored to your needs and may include techniques to reduce stress, balancing of the endocrine (hormonal system), as well as cleansing the body of toxins, if required. Nutritional support may be recommended, I will look at your pelvis alignment to ensure that you are structurally aligned, and clear any negative beliefs that you cannot get pregnant.

I cannot guarantee pregnancy and cannot be held responsible for miscarriage. I will balance your body systems in preparation for pregnancy.

If you do become pregnant, you will need to let me know immediately, as supplements
recommended for conception may not be suitable or safe in pregnancy.

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