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Food Sensitivity & Intolerance Testing

Food Sensitivity & Intolerance Testing
Muscle response testing or kinesiology, is often used to test for food intolerance. A kinesiologist cannot tell you whether you have an allergy because we are not allowed to diagnose you. However, we can say whether a suspect food is relevant to your health issues, such as exacerbating a joint issue, bloating or skin issues.

People will ask me just to test them for foods, but I will not do this, so please don't ask! There is nearly always an underlying reason why you may muscle test against a food and I want to know what that reason is. If you only exclude foods without addressing the underlying issues, you may have to exclude a food forever and keep adding foods to the exclusion list. That makes life miserable! Who wants a miserable life? If I work with you to ascertain and remove any underlying issues, and you cut out the offending food until your body can handle it, you may be able to reintroduce the foods. That way life is only limited for a short while, not forever!

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