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Balance & Stability

Balance & Stability
If you struggle to stand on one leg or you are very clumsy, your hyoid bone may be out of alignment. The hyoid bone is a horseshoe shaped bone in the throat, and is the only bone to have no ligaments holding it in place; just eight thin muscles. It is linked to balance and is often called the body's gyroscope. Coughing and hormone imbalances can put the hyoid out of alignment

Luckily, it is easy to correct! If you rub under, and along, your jawline and your collar bones fairly firmly (I use the edge of my finger; use oil if you have dry skin), you may feel gritty areas. Rub these firmly everyday for a week and see whether your balance and coordination improve.

Consider doing a yoga or Pilates class to improve core strength.

Have a look at my page on Primitive Reflexes as well: Primary or Primitive Reflexes

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